Hang out

Hang out is where readers of my blog ages 8+ come and simply chat to each other. There are some rules when doing this : 1. Don’t swear or say anything negative thoughts to anyoneelse. Keep you’re dignity 2. Don’ t mention films or anything that is over PG rating. Anyone saying something that I don’t recognise or I look up and that you’re lying will be warned severely. This is for the safety of the primary school ages. 3. Don’t give personal information such as email or church. You can say which town or region you’re in but nothing else. 4. Don’t say nasty things about other people because if they go on the blog, it will hurt and could cause rivalry. In other words, no bullying. 5. If you need prayer requests, don’t give the details what’s going  on. 6. Keep the same screen name and email address so there won’t be confusion. Anyone who breaks these rules will be warned. If this happens three times, you will be suspended from the commenting on the blog for two weeks. Apart from that, enjoy talking to others about God’s love 🙂

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