Rosie’s Diary: The summer holidays

You did it Beautiful coloured

Finally! I’ve finished my celebration picture! It will cheer me up when I’ve achieved something such as finished my exams, doing well in a contest, singing in a Glow Girlz concert. I still don’t want anyone to know that I sing in a band or that I am partially a TV presenter. Being on Generation 2 Generation, G2G, is a way I can express how joyfull I am being a Christian. Peter now only wants me to call him PT when the Tree Frogs, Janet Hardword, Kylie Handson and Georgia Hadman, are not around. They’re so mean and they think that I’m mean for being top in class all the time and being all Britishy. I am English though and being in America is quite an adventure for me. I’m reading tomorrow morning in church. Better not mess up. While I must start getting ready for the God’s Messengerz’ week where my friends and I go to a special place and chill out with our families. We call ourselves God’s Messengerz. Andrew laCroix is coming. I’m so glad he’s stopped being annoying. He’s still shy though. Praying. 🙂


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