Peter’s Diary: Sunday’s Smiles

Rosie’s reading in church today :O

Matthew, Josie and Pauline found their way into my bed last night πŸ™‚  What are siblings for? Pauline is soooo cute! I can’t believe she’s 10 years younger! :O  Turning 13 in September πŸ™‚  12 days and one month to go  :-). Rosie will wipe Angeline’s smile to ff her face. Can’t stand her! She says she’s a Christian but she’s a bully. She thinks she’s good at everything but Rosie surpasses her at everything πŸ™‚  She hates me now because I’m Rosie’s BFFITWWWNMWES.  Mum and dad have invited Rosie’s family members get for lunch. We’re going to the meadows after for a spot of fishing and nature sample collecting. Mamman is calling me to get into the car now. Gotta go πŸ™‚


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