Valentine’s Day- The true story

Ornate Hearts Valentine's Day Facebook Post

Hello everyone.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

During Christmas time, we get constantly reminded of the true meaning of Christmas and the story behind it.

For Valentine’s Day, that’s not the case, so I thought that today I could tell you the story.

In the 3rd Century AD, the Roman Emperor Claudius II gave a decree to his army to forbid his soldiers from getting married,  as he was concerned that they were more concerned about their wives and families than their Empire.

Valentine, who was a bishop, heard about the law and saw that many soldiers wanted to get married. So he decided that he would marry them in secret because he believed that marriage was a beautiful gift from God.

Sure enough, this caught the attention of the Emperor, who had Valentine arrested. Claudius said that he would free Valentine if he renounced his faith. Valentine refused, so he was sentenced to death on February 14th.

Legend has it that whilst Valentine was in jail, he began to talk to the jailor’s blind daughter, whom he healed and eventually, they fell in love. On the day before he died, Valentine wrote a letter to her , signing it ‘From Your Valentine’. Then, on the 14th February, Valentine was executed.

That’s a pretty cool, but very sad story isn’t it?

The thing that amazes me the most is that Valentine risked his life to go against the wishes of the Emperor because of his faith to help those who wanted to get married.

How about you?

How are you celebrating Valentine’s Day?

What do you like about the story behind the celebration?


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