The Importance Of Christian Friends

Hello everyone!

We’re back at school. We are now meeting old friends and new friends.

Friendships are awesome, right? They have similar interests with you, they encourage and stick up for you. That’s why we need friends.

But have you ever thought about having Christian friends?

Seriously, think about it. Think about how you feel around your non-Christian friends to how you feel around your Christian friends. Is there a difference with your feelings?

Hopefully there is. You see, when you connect with friends in general, it’s normally to have fun whilst encouraging each other. However, when you connect with Christian friends, it becomes even more special because the encouragement becomes more meaningful to you as a Christian.

Here’s an example. You have an exam that you’re nervous about. You tell your non-Christian friend about it. She encourages you a little, but she doesn’t help you that much. You then go and tell your Christian friend. Not only does she comfort you, but she also prays with you and reminds you of God’s Word.

Now, who will you be more encouraged by?

Another reason why it’s so important to have Christian friends is because as well as having similar values to you, they keep you going and help you stay firm in your faith, something that many non-Christians don’t understand.

As our generation grows in a world where believing in God isn’t popular anymore, we must surround ourselves with as many Christian influences as we can, especially friendships.

So surround yourself with Christian friends. Connect with them at school, church and even online! Websites like The Rebelution, Project Inspired, Delight and Be have great Christian teen communities.

And one more thing: what goes in comes out 😊

How about you?

Have you ever thought about how important Christian friends are?

Which Bible verses stuck with you as you read this post?

How do you connect with your Christian friends?


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