Hello everyone!! This is Kaelyn from the blog, , for my once a month post!!!  This month’s topic is rest.

This word and one particular verse related to rest has been really close to me these past few months and weeks.

So, what is rest? Why we should do it?  What does the Bible have to say about it?  What does it mean?

Let’s start off at the basics. What is rest?

rest 1.jpg

Rest: Peace of mind or spirit

Rest means peace.  It means calm. It means to stop, pause, and to just breath.  God tells us to do good works and to run the race set before us but, God also wants us to rest. He want us to breath and to find rest in His presence.  He wants us to be REFRESHED and to be replenished to keep going. 🙂

rest 3

Above is the verse that God has been talking to  me about.   I absolutely  love this verse!!  It is so simple, so pure, and I just feel peace just reading it.   God just want us to be still, to rest,  and to just be with Him in the simplest of things.  In the crazy,  He comes in and tells our storms to, ” Be still.”  Be still, and know that I am God.

rest 4.jpg

Jesus also does not wants us to be burdened.  His yoke is easy and His burden is light and he wants to take the weights off your soldiers.  The stress of your homework, the anxiety of what is happening in your family, and the fears or what is to come and He will take it away from you. Just ask Him to and let Him in and He will give you rest.

rest 5

His presence is with us ALWAYS!!  THAT IS SO AMAZING!!!  A God that goes with us, who is always there, always loving, and never changing.

rest 6

In our resting, we find HOPE!!  Hope for the hopeless situations, strength when we are weak, and beauty from when we are in ashes.

Here is a song/poem that it is based off of Psalms 46:10 that I have been doing with God in my times with Him.

My dear, come near, rest and know that I am God 

Rest. Breath. Won’t you stay here with me. 

Rest. Breath. Wait and finally see. 

When you wait, you will find rest in me. 

When you see, you will find your destiny. 

My lovely dear, I am glad you are finally here. 

That is all from me this  month!!  Thank you Medomfo for letting me write on here and it is honor to do it!! THANK YOU!!!


Sign off


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