Thanksgiving and Gratitude

HELLO ALL OF YOU GOLDEN MEDALLIONS!! ( see what I did there) 🙂

It is I, Kaelyn the author of the blog,  .  Each month, we have a new topic chosen by Medomfo for us( Me, Medomfo, and Halle Belle) to write about each month.  This months theme is GRATITUDE AND THANKSGIVING!!!

What is gratitude? What is thanksgiving?  Why do we have a holiday about it?  What does the Bible say about it?

First, what is the meaning of gratitude? yasss 1

What is the meaning of thanksgiving?

yaaasss 2

So, thanksgiving and gratitude are very similar and on the first thanksgiving holiday they gave THANKSGIVING TO GOD!!  Thanksgiving and gratitude are so powerful and they can help us grow closer to Jesus, to fight the enemy, and to be content with what we have.

yass 3 Giving thankfulness and being thankful shares the love of Jesus with others.  When we are grateful, we are to tell of His wonderful deeds.  I mean, when you say you got a brand new car, would you want to tell other people about it?  That should be the same mentality we have about giving the love of Jesus.

yasss 4

HIS LOVE ENDURES FOREVER!!  HOW AWESOME IS THAT?!  Also, what has helped me to be thankful is start a Gratitude Journal. So, every day write down three to five things( without repeating anything, or at least try not too 🙂 ) and mark it with numbers and put the date. 🙂  That has helped me and  you can even just get a one-dollar spiral notebook at Dollar General.  🙂 Anything works. 🙂

yasss 5

So, happy early Thanksgiving to you all!!  Below is a fun and easy ( very kid friendly) craft to help you remember Thanksgiving. It would be fun to do with family and younger siblings.

Also, underneath that is is an abbreviation of the Thanksgiving story.

yasss 6

yasss 7

That is all from me this month and I will see you all in DECEMBER!!  Can you believe how fast this year has gone by?! Well, I can’t but, I am THANKFUL and GRATEFUL for this year and what  I will learn with God along the way.

Sign off




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