Advent Part 1- The Candle Of Hope

Hello everyone!

Today marks the first day of Advent 2018, and all around the world, churches are lighting the Candle of Hope.

But what is Advent, and why do we light five candles over the period?

Advent, as quoted from Project Britain, is the new year of the Christian Church and the church season that leads to Christmas Day. 

Advent is the time when Christians remember that Jesus came into the world in Palestine 2000 years ago and that Jesus also promised one day to return in all His glory. 

Advent is the season of waiting for the Messiah, and for us Christians, we’re not just remembering the waiting for His first coming, but we are now anticipating His second coming, which could happen any moment!

So today, whilst we ponder on what Advent is, let’s light our first candle:

God’s People: The Candle Of Hope

Hope is like a light shining in a dark place. As we look at the light of this candle we celebrate the hope we have in Jesus Christ

Jesus entered the world in the dark of the night, a time where many people were finishing of their work and sleeping.

But out in the night, bright, booming angels appeared to some lowly shepherds and proclaimed the joyful news. And what did they do? They left their flocks and ran to see Jesus.

Far away in the East, the wisemen were studying the stars as usual. But as soon as they saw the special star, they left everything and went on a journey that probably lasted for months just to find Jesus.

Why were these two very different groups of people so ecstatic and determined to see Jesus?

Because Jesus is the Spiritual and Physical Saviour- His birth brought hope that the dark times that the world was facing would soon end.

And that is what all Christians have in common- hope in Jesus Christ in a dark world.

So let’s gather with our fellow Christians and celebrate what Jesus has done for us, and celebrate the journey that it took for Him to come into this world. Let’s be like the shepherds and wisemen and be desperate to experience His prescence.


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