Tips for Your Quiet Time with Jesus! Other Ways to Worship Jesus, like Serving Others :)

Hello there, friends!! It is Kaelyn here , author of the blog Kaelyn’s Life, and I have been doing a series on my blog called, Tips for Your Quiet Time with Jesus! I just wanted to share with you all one of them!! I hope you all are having an amazing August!! See you all in September and enjoy!

Wow! What a long title!! 

Hello there and welcome to the fifth post in this series!!

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Crazy, I know?! And school and all, is almost here!!!!! It starts in August for me and I am excited but not at the same time. You know what I mean?

This week has been crazy for me and my family! We have been doing a deep clean of our WHOLE HOUSE!! yes, our whole house. So tomorrow we are having a garage sale which is exhausting to have to set up for it but it is so rewarding to have all this clutter leave our lives.

So, I have been doing that and I had a sleepover with my best friend from school on Wednesday which was fun and me and my sister are pet sitting for a little less then a week for a friend’s guinea pig.

The guinea pig is staying at our house and she is so adorable!! Her name is Rosie so it is exciting to pet sit this little thing of cuteness!!!



That is what has been happening in my life lately, and tomorrow I have a fun post with songs I recommend, Netflix shows, and other fun media stuff, including books!!

So looking forward to that!


What are some of the ways that we can worship Jesus?

Praying, reading our Bible, playing worship music, those are all right and are all amazing things that we have gone over so far in this series. We can do other things to worship Jesus as well, like I mentioned in the title above.

Serving others.

Serving others in your church like on the greeting committee or in the nursery are great ways to serve others. Donating to kids in foster care and giving money to missionaries is a way we can serve others.

Jesus was always serving others and looking out for other people. 

Even just helping an elderly person put groceries in their car at Walmart and opening the door for someones else, and letting someone go in front of you in a line.


The possibilities are endless! 

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Another way we can worship God is by being kind to one another and even being a good friend.

Being a good friend is a great way to be like Jesus! 

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Being kind to your brothers and sisters, obeying your parents, that is a way we can worship Jesus in our day to day lives! How awesome is that! 

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And whatever we do in our lives whether we eat, or drink, give all of the glory to God!

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This week I challenge YOU! to give all of the glory to God by serving others and being kind to one another.

See you all tomorrow! Let’s go out and continue to worship Jesus for the rest of our lives!!!

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